A forty-three hour day.


Today was the start of our two weeks trip to the USA and we have already flooded our bathroom in LA. This is going to be one interesting trip.

We left Brisbane after 11am in rainy conditions which caused a slight delay. Once we got into the air everything went smoothly…for a short while, once the seatbelt sign was turned off everyone decided to recline as much as they could. As a result, no leg room and cramped conditions could not even allow sleeping pills to take over. Thirteen hours later we successfully landed at LAX, on the SAME DAY but at 6am where we thought it was all over, we were wrong. As we waited to be seen by U.S. Customs and Borders Protection the line grew longer and longer. Eventually we got to see an officer only to¬†find out David getting questioned suspiciously about if he had previously been to Canada, Vancouver to be exact. After swearing he had not, they finally let us though to claim our bags which just so happened to have gone missing from the carousel, we were beginning to freak out but then noticed that some of the security staff had taken out luggage off for us. Once we had gotten out bags we headed outside to catch a taxi to our hotel and see LAX in all its glory, it looks exactly like it does in GTAV by the way.

We had a really nice cab driver who was pointing out different places to go and giving us tips along the way which was nice to have someone so helpful. We arrived at our hotel, Palihouse West Hollywood, which opened up from a small but nicely decorated lobby to an expansive room with a beautiful decor and ever so comfortable bed which I actually had a couple of hours of deep sleep which I needed so badly. Before we checked into our room, David and myself checked out the Beverly Center and grabbed a coffee while we waited for the shops to open up.

Tomorrow, if the weather conditions are right, we will be heading up to the Griffith Observatory and checking out the Hollywood sign which we are very excited about. I cannot wait to see more of Los Angeles! More photos/video of LA will come soon.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Credit: David Morris


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