Turning 22 in NYC.

Today was my 22nd birthday and I am in one of the greatest cities on Earth with David. I could not be happier. I had a weird moment when I woke up, thinking, “Where on earth am I? Am I dreaming or something?” until I realised, “I am in New York City. I am actually in New York City. And it’s my birthday!”. It felt right and I loved it.

It was a busy Sunday and we had breakfast at an American diner right under our hotel. Here David would not tell me a single thing of what we were doing today. All I was told was just to follow him. As I followed David,  I knew we were walking toward Central Park which was so exciting as I have always dreamed of walking through Central Park. We saw squirrels in the park!




Shortly he told me we were going to the Central Park Zoo which was really exciting! After a nice brief stroll through Central Park, we arrived at the zoo and got our tickets. First thing we did was see the Ice Age 4-D at their movie theatre. It was an entertaining short film. After that, we checked into the zoo and had a stroll around the the zoo. We saw many different kinds of animals, some that we have never seen before! Also because of the time, we were lucky enough to see a seal feeding show.

After the zoo, I had to follow David again. This time I wasn’t exactly sure where we were going as we were walking along 5th Avenue until we came to a huge concrete architecture building until I realised it was The Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The Met). Now things started to get emotional. I was on the verge of tears as I couldn’t believe it. I have always wanted to go to the The Met. Obviously I didn’t cry, there was a lot of people here. I asked David if we were going into The Met and he said yes. Excitedly we took our photos and hurry up the huge steps and into The Met where we purchased our tickets. As we wondered through the halls of The Met, we were met with installations, paintings, sculptures and so forth. It was incredible. The Met is one of the largest art museum in the United States. There are seventeen curatorial departments holding permanent collections of art from classical antiquity and Ancient Egypt, paintings and sculptures from nearly all the European masters, and a huge collection of American and modern art. The Met also holds collections of African, Asian, Oceanic, Byzantine, and Islamic art. There was also a huge collection of instruments, costumes and accessories, and antique weapons and armour from around the world. We actually saw one of Samuel Colt’s finest revolvers. It was beautiful and awe-striking to look at. Since we were on limited time we didn’t get a chance to explore the entire museum. After leaving, we walked back down 5th Avenue. Since David was worried about the time, he decided to skip our next stop which was Tiffany & Co. as he wanted to show me the actual building from the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s which was the movie I took him to see on our first date. Such a romantic! We headed back to our hotel to rest and get changed into our finest suits. This time we were walking towards Time Square and David would not let me know what we were doing. I assumed it had to be something in the Time Square. We walked around Time Square until I saw  the Minksoff Theatre showcasing The Lion King Broadway Musical. Here I looked at David and he told me that was the surprise. We would be seeing The Lion King. Even though I have seen The Lion King before, this was exciting. And to my surprise, David got us seats in the second row! To see a Broadway musical show in NYC was awesome! When we arrived, we noticed the theatre was packed! Quickly we picked up our tickets and got in line ready to see an awesome performance. After the show, we decided to explore a bit more of Time Square and grab some dinner. We had McDonald’s for dinner. Nothing special. So far, it had been one awesome and I am glad I got to spend it with David. He did an amazing job.

We took a bunch of photos today but below is some of the photos we took.



Seal feeding show
Rhinoceros Ratsnake
Colt Third Model Dragoon Percussion Revolver


Time Square selfie time!



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