Has Google upgraded from the friend zone? I think yes!

It’s Week 8 and I know some of you have probably already done your first wave of assessments but I have a tip for you that could help you.

I get really sick of jumping between my university’s library and Google Scholar when searching for resources for my assignment. And I am sure you feel the same too but I have good news! You can link those two together with Google Scholar to make your life so much easier.

Step 1. Go to Google Scholar. You can do this by googling ‘Google Scholar‘ and clicking on the link, or typing scholar.google.com.au in your search engine or you could just click on this link if you are really lazy http://www.scholar.google.com.au.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.11.19 PM

Step 2. Click on “Settings”.

Google Scholar (Step 2)

Step 3. Click on “Library links”.

Google Scholar (Step 3)

Step 4. Enter your university and click on the search icon. (I typed in QUT)

Google Scholar (Step 4)
Step 5. Click the check-box before clicking “Save”. 

Google Scholar (Step 5)Step 6. Search for an article related or not related to your assignment. Search whatever you want.

Google Scholar (Step 6)

Step 7. Click on the link on the right of the article title (Fulltext@QUT) and this will take you to your QUT login page. Once you login, you will have access to the article.

Google Scholar (Step 7)

There you go. Simple stuff!

Now for something a bit fun and Google related, please check out If Google was a Guy if you haven’t:




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