Getting rejected from an internship sucks. Big time.

“We regret to inform you that your application has not been successful…”

Just reading these 12 words is enough to make your heart sink. I received a rejection letter yesterday for an internship I applied a couple weeks ago and I was really bummed about it. Like really bummed. I couldn’t even get through a recent episode of Game of Thrones at all. I was really bummed and upset that I ended up going to bed.

I was having a Stitch’s moment.


I had spent hours tweaking my resume and crafting an awesome cover letter and applied. I got myself excited thinking about the perks and benefits and getting to tell everyone about my cool new position and the things that I am or will be learning about. But then you get the email. Or worse, you never even hear back from them.

Rejection sucks. It’s a huge blow to your ego, your confidence, and your feeling of self-worth. Unlike going through a breakup, being rejected from a job or an internship can be emotionally draining.

You would think being rejected for previous job and internship applications would make the next rejection a little bit easier but honestly, it doesn’t. Well not for me anyway. When I get a rejection letter I often I ask myself if all the heartache and exhaustion are worth it or whether I should give up. Probably would be a lot easier to give up and just binge-Netflix. It can be really hard to get back on your feet and feel good about yourself again.

You would think rejections mean that you’re no good but that’s not the case, they usually just mean that you have to try something else. You have to be really flexible and remember that success almost never looks the way you expect it to. And you have to remember that it’s never personal. Don’t put yourself down. Who knows who you were up against. In reality, there are too many unknowns for us to compare ourselves to others. Thousands of qualified people may have applied for the same internship as you. The company may never got a chance to see your application. We will never know.

I am at that stage of my degree where I need to start gaining more real world experience and applying for internships after internships can be exhausting and bothersome. But you will find it that it will be worth it in the end. I actually have an interview with one of the internships that I applied for tomorrow and I am really excited about the opportunity.

What I can say is DO keep applying everywhere. Just because you were rejected from one position (or 1000), don’t be discouraged. Take a risk, and send in those amazing applications, even if you think there’s a chance of rejection. You can’t give up.


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